Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kites Film Review

A one line review of the film is this: what were u thinking???

Great performers, very good looking, great action, excellent cinematography, great locations... but even these things need at least a sliver of a story!

The failure of this film is sad. It had all the ingredients.. but like a car is made primarily for transportation, and it has to do that right, all additional features are dispensible.. a film is essentially a story told, and we needed a story here.

Barbara Mori was a surprise package - the dame can ACT. And she is good looking, AND she has a character that is just plain superbly crafted by the writer.
Hrithik really should try a different dance style now. It was absolute pain to see the MJ steps again . And Again.


आनंद पत्रे said...

short and crispy review. bang on target!

N said...

Great action??? Where was the action buddy? One horrible car/ truck chase, one very ackward jump to the chute!! Ufff....

And the dance...where was the dance, yes just one song where the surprise was delivered by Kangana (since we have never seen her dance) more than Hrithik (whom we have seen dance better in most of his earlier movies). Common Hrithik, I was expecting much more than this!!

There was no story, no dance, and since we are here in India, we dint even got to see the what we wanted to ;D

BK Chowla, said...

It was a terrible movie.
Why was it named KITES?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Haven't been to see a movie in a long time. Some of the soundtracks are great -- I love the Bollywood music

Prabhakar Lal said...

I heard distributors from hindi belt are suing producers for marketing Kites as Hindi movie.
If at all Roshans wanted to make movie on love story between people speaking different language, they could have used Ek Duje ke liye as inspiration. Why use Spanish dude?..:-)

How do we know said...

Anand ji: Thank you.

Hi N: he he he.. for me, thats action too! Yeah im that retarded! But agree. Kangana was the surprise in that song, but that wasnt a dance competition, that was a riddle - guess whats happening if u can!

Chowla sir: Why was it called Kites? even i was wondering the same thing. whats with the profound title?

Hi Phos: U have heard Bollywood tracks? Awesome! am super impressed!

HI Prabhakar: Trust you to make me laff out loud! Every time u comment, i end up laffing out loud at it. Hows everything??