Wednesday, February 03, 2010

original one liners and random ashar that come to mind..

When you love someone, remember to love them with as much compassion as passion.

ज़मीन कितनी भी रेतीली हो, दर्द उसे ज़रखेज़ बना देता है... (given the plight of our farmers, this one liner shld only be taken to mean the heartland)

Random old poetry in mind:
अर्श तक तम्मनाओं की फ़रियाद गयी,
और दिल जो टूटा तो बहुत दूर तक आवाज़ गयी॥

हम ने माना की तगाफुल न करोगे लेकिन
ख़ाक हो जायेंगे हम तुम को खबर होने तक॥

प्यास की कैसे लाये ताब कोइ
नहीं दरिया तो हो ?? कोइ

तुम पूछो और मैं न बताऊँ, ऐसे तो हालात नहीं,
एक ज़रा सा दिल टूटा है, और तो कोइ बात नहीं॥

Add add.. any old poetry that comes to mind ..


Mayz said...

i like d way u think

Swati said...

lovely !

BK Chowla, said...

Very nice, very impressive.

Balvinder Singh said...

The mood here is "broken heart" so i will add this one which i like the best on the topic though there are many more which we may share later.

Tod kar dekh liya
Aina-e-dil tuney
Teree surat ke siva
Aur bata kya nikla??

To find out its occupant, you went on to shatter the mirror of my heart. What else did you find there except your own image.

Bluemist said...

Very nice. Brought back memories.
I am not sure if this one is from any poem but my all time favorite

"ashqon se tarr hain phoolon ki har pankhudi ;
naa jaane kaun roya hain tham ke daman bahar ka "

J P Joshi said...

I am not very good at this. However, I love this song by Hans Raj Hans

ae jo sili sili aundhi ai hawa;
kite koi ronda howega;
yaadan mera wangu seena nal laa;
kite koi ronda howega.

Standbymind said...

Wah wah! Nice ones!

rishi anand said...

oh shit! i have forgotten hindi...i can't understand few of those words :(

Onkar said...

Beautiful lines.

Deepak said...


"तुम पूछो और मैं न बताऊँ, ऐसे तो हालात नहीं,
एक ज़रा सा दिल टूटा है, और तो कोइ बात नहीं॥"
this one. :)

Anonymous said...

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