Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kahlil Gibran

One of my all time favorite authors.

Do not the spirits who dwell in the ether envy man his pain?

On my way to the Holy City I met another pilgrim and I asked him, "Is this indeed the way to the Holy City?" And he said, "Follow me, and you will reach the Holy City in a day and a night." And I followed him. And we walked many days and many nights, yet we did not reach the Holy City. And what was to my surprise he became angry with me because he had misled me.

Our mind is a sponge; our heart is a stream. Is it not strange that most of us choose sucking rather than running?

When Life does not find a singer to sing her heart she produces a philosopher to speak her mind.

The voice of life in me cannot reach the ear of life in you; but let us talk that we may not feel lonely.

Every seed is a longing.


Onkar said...

Very profound and true- this post and the post after this.

human being said...

all of them are so beautiful and deep...

'let us talk that we may not feel lonely'


How do we know said...

Onkar sir: Thank you.

Hi hb: yes, thats why i love Gibran... he manages to put the sea in a cup..