Friday, March 27, 2009

The tag passed on from D..

One - The no. of children we have.

Two - the no. of children my parents had.

The no. of cities i am related to.

The no. of years Esha has been around..

The no. of years that I spent at my first job.

The no. of dots on my favorite transcript - braille.

The age at which I was a part of riots.

The no. of eyes a mother has ( a discovery made after Ishaan was born)
ha ha.. ok, my total workex after the masters..

The only number for which I could not figure out a multiplication shortcut. it was confounding!
Tell me about your life in numbers...
Everyone is tagged.


Anonymous said...

maybe the number of dishes you can cook, or the number of times you have been to hills, or number of times you cried in a movie or in a month, or number of years when you fell in love or number of vehicles you have ever driven or number of houses / rooms you have ever lived in... there are just too many ways you could have covered humble 9

Balvinder Singh said...

Nice images. And lovely discription.

Ordinary Guy said...

:) good way to do the Tag... :) after all life is full of complicated numbers.... :)

mayz said...

ah loved d way u did this tag...really nice!!!

D said...

Hey, this is nice. I love #8 :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

this is such and interesting tag :-P

The Phosgene Kid said...

Saw some news yesterday and thought of you. The US is coming out with a dollar coin honoring Louis Braille.

Canary said...

very well handled! :D

J P Joshi said...

1,2,3 ...... nicely done!! Great images.

You Know Me Very Well said...

Very Interesting.. It really touches you when you try to think of your life through numbers... :)

How do we know said...

Hi Anon: number of dishes i can cook > 9; No. of times i have been to the hills much greater than 9 (am lucky)
No. of times i cried in a movie or a month- the answer to both would be greater than 9
the no. of years when i fell in love.. again, no 9 connection..
no. of vehicles i have ever driven - 7
No. of houses/rooms ihave ever lived in - 11
Amt of kilos i lost in the last 18 months - 11.
so, i really did try.. nothing in my life adds up to 9 :-( that i can remember...

Hi Balvinder: Thanks. i loved ur posts on places u have been, esp. Nagaland.

Hi Ajit: Yes, and easy numbers..

Hi mayz: Danke!

HI D: Yes, yes, no. 8 is more real than the years of workex..

Hi Raaji: Yes it is, and you should take this up.

HI Phos: Thank you for thinking of me. Hows the cold? And that coin on Louis Braille? About time :-)

HI Canary: Thanks!!

Joshi Ji: Thank you hai.

Hi Yam: A different perspective, yes. You really should take up this tag..

kj said...

i love the visuals you/ve used here. i'm glad i stopped by.


Artnavy said...

lovely lovely post!!

Mampi said...

This reminds me, even Rasan loves Braille. Where can I find coaching on it?

soulbrush said...

what a lot of fun this one is...i may do it one day...tee...hee...

How do we know said...

Hi kj: I'm glad you stopped by too.

Hi Artnavy: Thank you.

Hi Mampi: I am your free coach. It only takes 20 minutes to learn Braille.

Hi soulbrush: Oh yes, you should! I will look forward to your tag.

human being said...

that was real fun!

the number of the eyes of a mother... hehehe... you're right!