Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fund For Lalit Mehta

On May 14. 2008, Lalit Mehta of Vikas Sahyog Kendra was brutally murdered by those threatened by his work.

Lalit’s colleagues and friends have now come together to raise funds for his family. The aim is to raise a sum of Rs 6 lakhs that would enable Ashrita to receive an interest of Rs. 4000 per month. In addition , FD of Rs. 1 lakh each in the name of the 2 children. Thus the target is to receive at least Rs. 8 lakhs. Please send your donations in the name of Vikas Sahyog kendra . The account details are:
SBI , Daltonganj Bazar Branch, A/c No – 10801981840;
For Direct transfers – IFSC Code – SBIN0001221;
For FCRA Donation, A/c No. 10801935906 ; IFSC Code – SBIN0001221
In case you are mailing a cheque, please send it to – Manij Singh, President, Vikas Sahyog kendra
Chhatarpur , Dist. Palamau, Jharkhand. – 822113
Tel no – 0656-285483; 290013

Please also send an email to vskmanoj@yahoo.co.in stating the purpose of donation as support for Lalit Mehta Family.

So why is one posting this? One did not know of Lalit Mehta before this. I do not know if he was indeed doing what he was purporting to do (which is a mean thing to say, but one is the devil's advocate today) .

However, I do believe that even if he was a bandit(which he decidedly was not), that does not change the fact that his family needs financial security - his wife and children were not Veerappan, and we owe them something for the loss of an engineer husband who did not want to work in a corporate jungle and instead, chose the grassroots for his work.

I have not made too many appeals on this blog- that goes against my nature. But in this one case, if you can donate, please do. No amount is too small, and SBI has branches all over.

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adi said...

first, what is this comment doing at the left hand side. why did u approve this?
second, why nobody commented on this post when comments are readily made on other posts?
third, i don't know whether i will or not make a donation but a person getting killed for doing his work is well... i really don't know anything.