Monday, May 12, 2008

What got my goat?

The Times of India today(12th May) has a front page column news on an accident involving 6 Indian tourists in the US, and the news of 8 jawans dying in Kashmir is a 53 word report on P 14. Why do you expect anyone to die defending your borders if you cannot even give them basic recognition? And enough money to buy them food clothing and shelter? Enough respect to their family when they are dead? Enough arms to fight with? Enough equipment to keep them safe?


S.M.A.R.T said...

Why read the TOI? Your post reminds me of a story that some Aaj ka news channel kept flashing as the latest scoop, and turned out to be a nonsensical piece about a a cat that got onto a tree and got off by itself! :D

Read the Hindu... much better!

rajk said...

Hi! Very relevant questions...I've asked them myself many times...Specially with all the attention on celebrities...It's pathetic that the reallly important "Celebrities",our soldiers, don't get the recognition they deserve.

Id it is said...

Sensationalism is what sells, unfortunately!

Vinay Garg said...

Life has become business man.
You just have to identify your audience.

Their audience loves the katrina's legs more.
This Masala Craved world loves it and i assure you even the right recognition wont fetch the soldiers anything.

It Sells,because we are the buyers.
Anyways new to this place.But its real good.Added to "My Favourites"

EXSENO said...

You make a very good point. It's to bad that things are that way.

Nabeel said...

when I was growing up, people looked up to soldiers. Even now they do in Pakistan.

adi said...

read 'the pioneer' once please.

Mampi said...

You remind me of Balvinder's post on the media coverage of Sam Mancekshaw's funeral as compared to COMMISSIONER KA KUTTA and BILLO RANI CHATT PEY ATKI stuff.
Shame on us for patronising such media.