Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Review of Games Indian Play

Just finished reading this book - Games Indians Play. It is unusual for me to review books, but this one deserves special mention.

Basically, the book is about applying game theory to explain the behavior of Indians and why we are like that only. Its saddening, shameful, and yet delightfully written. But thats where the positives end.

The biggest problem is the price - at INR 325, its a ridiculous waste of money. At 177 pages, its a good read for a Sunday afternoon. No more, and no less.

The blurb is excellent, though, and the credentials of the author, pretty good. That is precisely the reason why this review is being written. Please do not be fooled by the blurb and the author's credentials.Even if you LOVE game theory, this is a bad investment. But you could pick it up from the neighborhood library(oops, i forgot, neighbourhood libraries are dead in India). Never mind, you are not missing anything.


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