Saturday, September 22, 2007

Prayers for the Day

1. When a man is rejected in love, let him throw acid on himself and not on his "loved one". Lord, let such men also open a dictionary and read the meaning of the word "love" before they profess their "love".
(This happened again in Delhi yesterday)

2. Lord, let the girls in DU become a model for the girls in the rest of the country. And every time a man thinks its ok to molest or eve tease a woman, let him stand corrected.


The Phosgene Kid said...

I don't understand why anyone would do that. Our Hispanic population here seem to like to kill the girl friend and then themselves. Now I've been rejected by women many times, but it never crossed my mind to harm them, I just moved on.

MM said...


When someone does something as gross as this, and profess the deed to have been done in the name of love, the purest of human emotions stands victimised.

Standbymind said...

This thing is like terrible man..
cantreally understand y do ppl do this?

adi said...

to place love there, in that heap of slime, that of this man's to devoid it of any meaning at all,
as for the du incident, have been deeply troubled by that, hundreds of girls molested by would be keepers of law... they left no one, i wonder if a mother sees her son's face at that time, would she recognise him at all?

~nm said...

With you on that 100%!

Keshi said...

some pretty simple prayers but with alot of meaning! GREAT job.


The Phosgene Kid said...

How are things??

How do we know said...

Hi PG: Things are gud. There's still a blseeing called mom to take care of most things.

Hi MM: True!

Hi Standbymind: Just one of those things I guess...

Hi adi: It is really sad for some of those mothers. Erma Bombeck has a letter from one such mother, and its one of the most memorable things I have ever read.

Hi nm and Keshi: Yep. Thanks!

santhosh said...

Gross! But I'd also want the other side of the story before I pass the jury.

Neo Amaan said...

u write good stuff here..btw, thanks for the comment on my blog..did u guess which movie it was from ?

Alex said...
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preeti said...

there are people who would stoop to any level to harm the girl..

reg the eve-teasers, inko bilkul uda dena chahiye :P

How do we know said...

hi Santhosh: In a world full of greys, there are very few blacks and whites. This is one of the blacks. I cant think of a reason to accept this acid throwing thingie.

Hi neo amaan: Thanks. Nope, i m not into English films at all. Which gem is this?

Hi preeti: So true!

santhosh said...

True. If the guy had just proposed, and she'd just rejected, and that was that! But...
What if the girl led him on?
What if she was the one who made false promises?
What if he'd given heart and soul to her?
What if he loved her so much as to make all decisions of his life (even to his detriment at times) relative to her?
What if she played out an entire tragedy drama with stories of slit wrists and sleeping pills?
What if he discovered that all she'd told were but lies?
What if he suddenly found that he was but one among a half dozen guys she'd 'used' (for want of a better word)?
What if he found she'd even been sleeping around?
What if, after all these, he still went ahead and offered to marry her?
And what if she 'rejected' his offer by getting her current guys to rough him up?

I know, because a close friend of mine went through all these and I've witnessed first hand the range of emotions he's had to go through. I agree that acids may be an extreme step, but remember, it's the same heart that was so passionate with love that's now reacting to betrayal!
I also know that 99% of such cases are totally on account of the guy's insane image of himself. But also remember, a coin may well have an ugly side.

Z said...

However much provocation (and there may well have been none except in the mind of the attacker), there is still no justification for such a horrible thing. I agree with you, HDWK, this is one area of complete black and white.