Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Protests in Kashmir

There are widespread protests in Indian Kashmir over fake encounters. The valley has come to a total standstill.

I appreciate the cause and empathise with the parents who think their children may have been victims.

My question to Kashmiris is:

Why did you not protest when:
1. Your children left homes to join militancy? For decades??
2. Your neighbours were raped, killed and driven out of their homes just because of their religion?

Why did you not protest then? Why did you not bring the valley to a standstill when the militants were touring your villages and recruiting? Did you not know that your children were going out there to kill, rape and victimise?

How many of these photographs being brandished by the protestors, and being lapped up by the media, belong to fake encounters, and how many to young people who left to join the jehad?? Who knows that?

I had no idea that the valley could talk. Wish, really do, that the valley had spoken sooner. Much, much sooner.


Neihal said...

Fake encounters are almost as old as terrorism in the valley...its just the the number has risen in last decade or so...
Other thing I guess we all know, the atrocities by the terrorist hurt but when the same is done by security forces, it is even more difficult.
Yes things might have been different had the kashmiris been more resolute...but can we blame them for being scared by the terrorist. Not really.
At the same time I think the Human Rights people should also be more responsible. I dont get why they make such hullabaloo everytime a family claims the encounter to be fake, the security forces have a tough job there....and everyone should get together to fight the menace of terrorism.
I know this long comment does nothing to help the matter or clarify it. But just like you I am saddened by whats happening in the valley. It pains me to see the beautiful ppl and land of kashmir being ravaged by some stupid mean ppl.

Neihal said...

I didnt realise the comment was almost as long as the post...sorry :)

How do we know said...

Hey Neihal: I really like your comments, and this one so closely echoes the confusion that was in my own head till some time ago.. and am sure, in the heads of so many of us!! :-) Keep them coming!!

SeePearrl said...

ppl even hardly bother..realizing is on the far other side!

i know its pathetic!

SeePearrl said...

ppl even hardly bother..realizing is on the far other side!

i know its pathetic!

dharmabum said...

kuch samajh mein nahin aata.

yeh hamaraa pyaara hindustan, saarey jahan sey achcha.

kashmir jiski shaan.

is jannat ko tabah karney pey tuley huey hain hum sab.

kya karen?

jab sochta hoon, to rona aata hai.

Sifar said...

They are saying "Hamara Khoon Khoon, Tumahara Khoon Paani". This is the twisted version of one of dialogue from the Big B's movies I saw long ago. The original dialogue goes something like this: "Tumahara Khoon Khoon, Hamara Khoon Paani".

But we cannot just say anying without the knowledge of what truly happenned. There is a tendency in the Government to hide the truth and let publish only those reports that do not make them look bad.

Neihal said...

what happnd to inspector matdin :(

How do we know said...

Hi White Forest: Sorry i didn't quite get what u meant there...

Hi Dharmabum: hmm...have you ever been to Soul in Exile's Blog? The link is on my blog on the right..

Hi Sifar: Yes, but I am not depending only on the government and the India media for my information.I am depending on Azaad Kashmir News as well.. and when you read that, no matter how laid back an Indian you are, your blood is very likely to boil.

Hi Neihal: My fault - Couldn't complete that story.. but am trying, and who knows!! Am really sorry about this!!

Neihal said...

Hey...not complaining....I know it isnt that easy... I still hopeful to read the rest of it....anytime u post it :))

The Phosgene Kid said...

The frightening part is that nuclear weapons are now part of the equation.

mathew said...

the story is same through out the world..somehow man doesnt know how to live without conflict..something they cant help without!!

Artnavy said...

it is really sad and now this samjauta express blast -

seen black friday ?

madelyn said...

"If there is paradise on earth
then it is here, it is here,
it is here in Kashmir."

Mughal Emperor Jehangir

I longed to go to Kashmir when
I was in India but S told me not to.

I wish there was beauty of spirit
there at present.


Wriju said...

Very pertinent questions. I am startled by them. I had only looked at the fake encounters from the perspective of the news channels. Now I see the other side. You have wonderful clarity of thought.

How do we know said...

Hi Neihal: Thank you for the patience :-)

Hi Phosgene Kid: true!!

Hi Mathew: That part is true, Man cannot live without conflict!

Hi Aartnavy: Nope, want to see Black Friday but not yet.. have u seen it?
Also, the blast.. there are just too many questions - like, how could the rest of the train be allowed to cross over, when we do not know if the planters could be in one of the other coaches? How could Pak be allowed to evacuate its citizens without medical clearance? Just too many questions..

Hi Sophie: Cannot comment on the beauty of spirit part, but i do hope that your India trip was fun.

Hi Wriju: Thanks! :-) Have posted the next post to indicate how that clarity of thought came about.. trust me, that forward was a BIIG eye opener. I now look at everything from at least 2 perspectives.