Sunday, April 02, 2017

Shri Ram Center's play: Appointment with Death (Agatha Christie) (Hindi) - A Review

I wanted to introduce my son (9 years old), to Agatha Christie for a while now. And then I heard of this play. It was a Shri Ram Center play, so I was reasonably confident of the production quality. The show time of 11 am meant that the child could enjoy the play without sacrificing his own play time.

That decision turned out to be so spot on. The Shri Ram center auditorium is anyway enviable. The production quality was superb and the play itself was very well dramatized. The best part was, that the play was in Hindi, so my mother could enjoy it too!

The long prelude to the death could have been shortened, but overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I truly hope that more people will find time to enjoy this awesome play. Good plays are scarce and scarcer.


Onkar said...

Nice review. Will try and see the play.

How do we know said...

Thank you Onkar sir!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review. This means a lot to the cast and crew of the SRCPA Repertory. We are showcasing this play again on 21st April, Saturday at 7:00pm. Please share if anybody is interested in watching the play.
Also another SRCPA Repertory production will be showcased on 22nd April, Sunday - HAZAAR CHAURASI KI MAA written by Mahasweta Devi and directed by Sameep Singh