Friday, May 15, 2015

Dr. Rajesh Uppal Feedback/Review

Sharing from a group. Shame on all those parents who did not expect a 20 month old to sit still. I mean.. how can a 20 month old child not know how to behave?! The wise doctor has it all figured out - spank the child.

Today an incident has left me numb..We took Amyra to Dr Uppals Diagnostic center in NDSE since they r the best in their field however I only returned with disgust..A 20 month old spanked right in front of parents all cuz she was crying to stay still while the ...doc Dr Rajesh Uppal took his own tym to do the ultrasound..The baby lay in shock and now obviously scared of even a thought of visiting a doc..also parents are told "Tell her ill spank her again if she doesnt stay still"," Dont comfort her with nonsense(cuz i was telling her baby ur best frnd is cmng to meet u ) he said tell her she must lay still""You must be strict with ur child else she ll become more adamant"Aise toh pal gaye apke angry,miffed and numb cuz i couldnt say a word cuz we are to believe docs are supreme but my silence till now had been killing me..i need to report this cuz how can a doc spank a lil one so hard thinking he ll get away with this and throw unsolicited parenting advise.. Pl help by sharing!!

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Onkar said...

I totally agree with you. How disgusting!