Monday, August 25, 2014

Why money is called Maya in Indian culture

It is very good to make money. Money is important. Money lets you do things you truly want to do, and not just the things you have to do. Money allows us to focus on things we want to focus on. It gives us the luxury of leisure. Money makes it possible for us to spend more time with our loved ones.

But there does come a time, when money stops being the lubricant in the hand, and starts being the noose around the neck. One of the most important self realisations you will have, is to know that point. And one of the best decisions you will take, is to stand at that point, look money straight in the eye, and say, "Bas! Enough."

That point is different for different people. Different things make different people happy. And its very possible that the persistent pursuit of money does make some ppl happiest of all. But when I interact further with them, I realise that they are not really deriving satisfaction out of more money. They are trying to fill up an emptiness with the most handy material. And because you cannot stuff rocks in a water bucket without leaving gaps, this solution works for a limited period in some cases.

But the ones who do find that point and say, "Stop. Enough" and turn back to enjoy their lives in the current state, aspiring for things that fulfil them, and freeing themselves up. You will find that they are happy.

I don't think I have explained myself well. There is a reason why Money is called Maya in Indian culture. Maya means "Illusion". Like a magician's trance, it bewitches us, but only for as long as we want it to.


hitchwriter said...

I think our conditioning whilst growing up does a lot in that... in general I mean Indians especially our generation and the ones of our parents were told to learn to earn and success in actually terms was the defined by how wealthy or well settled we are. How good our work is or how prosperous our being is.

Rarely a parent ever told their kid to be happy. To do things that please them. Many times I see so many people just getting lost in the routine.

I deal with so many people who have so much more money than me and yet they rarely do spend time using the money. Its like money is not a means to live but life itself.

I have a lot of thoughts on this topic as well :) Someday we must sit over a cuppa and talk this out for hours! :D

Onkar said...

Very true. Pursuit of money beyond a point may make you unhappy and restless.

How do we know said...

Hi Hitchie: haan yaar.. long conversation overdue.. I just wanted to share gyaan...

Onkar sir: yes sir. But we don't teach that to our children in school. Kitni important cheezein hum bachchon ko school mein nahi sikhaate..

Gentle Breeze said...

What pertinent thoughts! :)
How much money is enough? The question throws up a Catch22 like answer.
The amount of money that would make a person happy is a probable answer. But the moment you reach that cherished amount one feels "thoda aur". It is a never ending circle.
Like you said kids need to be taught the need to be happy.. money will follow as a corrollary.
Good idea for a "Chai pe Charch"
Count me in :)