Monday, April 28, 2014

Pain, like Moon

Pain, like moon, waxes and wanes

Just when you think
it is gone for ever
it peeps through
just a little bit
and u realise
what you thought
was he
was only
the new moon night.


I Romanticize said...

you spoke my heart. I was just thinking about that earlier today.

Does pain ever really leave...(?)

Gentle Breeze said...

Spoken from the heart!
Raahi Manva Dukh Ki Chinta Kyon Sataati Hai
Dukh To Apna Saathi Hai
Sukh Hai Ek Chhaanv Dhalti Aati Hai Jaati Hai
Dukh To Apna Saathi Hai...

@ I Romanticize
I feel pain never leaves us. We only learn to live with the pain!

Onkar said...

very nice lines