Monday, June 10, 2013

More Metaphors on relationships

This blog has has a lot of metaphors.. this is a day for 2 more.

In relationships, some people are like computer programmers. they work day and night to build something beautiful, bring it to realisation, spending hours on it. And once the code is complete and their dream realised, they seldom come back to the source code. Except to fix a snag that might occasionally arise due to user behavior. But by and large, they expect the code to be self sufficient and not ask for any more attention.

Some people are like vegetable growers. They get up every morning and get to work. Like gardeners, they nurture. Unlike gardeners, they dont see or get beauty alone. Usually, goodness comes with it.
They nurture every part of what they want to create. Every single day.



Himanshu Tandon said...

The computer programmers keep a certain program only until the next revision is planned and a gardener awaits the harvest and plants again...

Does that mean that it is inevitable for a relationship to last a life time..and maybe it is better to plan for an update and get on with it. :)

Interesting metaphors though.

kj said...

what interesting metaphors. to me there is no doubt that feeding and care are needed at least periodically. nothing stays the same and that includes relationships.

nice to hear from you, hdwk, xoxo


How do we know said...

hi HT: yeah, those metaphors didnt come out so perfet.. and i also thot of the next season. But i guess.. some relationships are like the river and the sun and the moon. they are forever and yet new everyday. the same water never goes twice. the same moment never comes twice between 2 ppl. or maybe it does.. who knows?

hey KJ: how have u been?? yes, i think care and nurturing is needed on a daily basis. else things wilt. and no matter how much you come back to water a dead leaf, you cant bring it back to life. love!!

kj said...

Love to you too, hdwk xoxo