Sunday, March 24, 2013

What do you think should be done in this case?

This really happened where we live. Do read on and tell me what you think would be the right thing to do in this case.

A's car cleaner took the car keys to clean the car. However, without informing A, he took the car to learn driving - within the apartment complex. He ended up banging a really expensive SUV parked in its own place. Both A's car and the SUV were severely damaged, though the car cleaner driving the car escaped completely unhurt (bcs the impact was on the other side - not the driver side).

What should be done in this case? The SUV owner wants damages.

So there, what do u think?


Anonymous said...

Why do we all have insurance ??? :P

How do we know said...

apparently the insurance wont cover some of the stuff. so lets assume the damages are for that part.

Anonymous said...

from now on buy Zero Depriciation policies :P :P :P


Z said...

Oh dear oh dear. I don't know how insurance companies work in India - over here, we build up a No Claims Bonus over the years to a maximum 70% discount, so unless that's protected by having paid an extra fee, the cost of insurance would go up considerably next year. The bill would be paid (less the excess, £250 on my policy) I suppose, but it would still be an expensive accident. The cleaner is looking for a new job, I suppose, and he could be sued by the insurance company, not that he has any money to speak of, I suppose. I do hope that neither car was yours.

How do we know said...

nd60: you were wise to duck the shoe. :-p

Hi z: yes, we have no claim bonus here too. and thankfully, i was lucky. neither car was mine. :)

Himanshu Tandon said...

1. Both the car owner and SUV owner use their insurance cover.

2. The damages that are not covered by insurance and the loss of 'no claim bonus' for the car (say X amount) and the SUV (say Y amount) should ideally be paid by the car cleaner (X+Y).

In case he is absconding or perhaps given the concession for being poor, it becomes the liability of the car owner to pay for the Y amount to SUV owner since the cleaner is in a way employed by the car owner and it is the car owner's duty to check upon his employees for their conduct (or misconduct).

On the other hand, if the SUV owner is submissive to the plight of non-involvement of the Car owner, he should let go of the 'no claim bonus' but still should get the amount he will have to shell out for the damages that the insurance doesn't pay for. (He will have to go through the pains of getting the car fixed anyhow)