Sunday, February 05, 2012

book review - kiran manral's the reluctant detective

i really, really wish this book was packaged differently. it is brilliant humour, making a reader like yours truly actually laugh out loud at certain places.

when the blurb talks abt becoming a detective between being a school gate mom and lunch parties, one picks it up with an assumption that there will be some level of murder mystery et al. but this is , pure and simble, chick lit, with a lot of humour thrown in. the very effective splotch of blood on the cover is so unnecessary.

this is a breezy read - perfect for a 2 hour flight, and great for end of day reading. you will go to bed laughing, and that alone guarantees sweet dreams. :-)

but please, package it as chick lit(the author prefers to call it hen-lit) humour. this is not detective fiction. this is not about a woman detective. or murders. or solving mysteries.

this is a book for women.. and if anyone knows where to get that stiletto on the cover, please let me know. i dreamt about it.. and will buy a green and beige dress, just to be able to wear them shoes.. yeah one is shallow that way and all that.. :-)

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