Saturday, February 04, 2012

book review - custody by manju kapoor

Manju Kapoor is a consummate story teller. She can weave a web right around your neck, and you love it.

The book is engaging. Full of stereotypes that you realise are still, unfortunately, too true to be dismissed. you empathise with the parents, understand the women characters, chuckle at the predictability of the male characters, though they appear to be different from each other.. but the more things change, the more they remain the same, na?

but most of all, what happens to the children, frame after frame, page after page, crushes whatever little faith one might have in humanity. Custody is NOT about the relationships, gossip, legal complications.. its about the mutilation(and the word is not lightly used) of children by their own families - by the ones who are supposed to protect them and nurture them - by their very own parents.

She places her camera at a height, so the angle is not the child's. and through the eyes of these thinking adults, she demonstrates, bit by excruciating bit, what we do to children.. you scream at the unfairness of it all and then realise how powerless the rest of the world can be when parents decide to mutilate their children.

would i recommend it? not if u love children. the book can be very depressing. as pure writing, its brilliant.


kj said...

Could I read it, my friend? Should I? I am counselor to harmed children an to adults who were harmed as children. I think this book would haunt me

And yet I love brilliant writing. How you describe where the lens is placed in this book is in itself brilliant

I owe you an email. I haven't forgotten

How do we know said...

oh kj... u will know everything already.. no surprises for u.. :-)