Sunday, May 05, 2013

When a Tree Shook Delhi - excerpts

It is a commentary on the Indian democracy that Sajjan Kumar, who has been accused of leading mobs during the carnage in the most number of affidavits, secured the maximum no. of votes in the whole counry - 8,55,543 - when he won from the Outer Delhi constituency in the last Lok Sabha elections in 2004.


Hema said...

Hi! I am a student of MA Neglish. I pounced upon your blog while searching for Amrita Pritam's Poem, 'Ek Baat'. Can you tell me if I can get some notes or background for it on internet? if yes, can you give me the name of that site?

How do we know said...

hi Hema: pls send me the text of the poem at and i will help.

Onkar said...

Those guilty of the massacre must quickly be brought to book