Monday, March 22, 2010

tum baithe ho...

Last week, on youtube, one discovered the simple pleasure of good poetry in Jagjeet Singh's voice.. soothing, and just the kind of thing that makes one smile in the middle of the workday...

There are 2 that were fresh, but this one is beautiful: (my fave lines are in bold)
तुम बैठे हो, लेकिन जाते देख रहा हूँ,
मैं तनहाई के दिन आते देख रहा हूँ...

आने वाले लम्हे से दिल सहमा है,
तुमको भी डरते घबराते देख रहा हूँ।

कब यादों का ज़ख्म भरे, कब दाग मिटे,
कितने दिन लगते हैं भुलाते देख रहा हूँ॥ :-)

उसकी आँखों में भी काजल फैला है,
मैं भी मुढ के जाते जाते देख रहा हूँ॥
- जावेद अख्तर

Rough Translation:
You are here, but I can already see you going..
And the days of loneliness are on their way..

I am scared of the days that are to come..
and so are you..

When will the hurt of memories heal,
How long will the scars last,
Am waiting to see how long it takes..

Her eyes are smudged with all the crying,
And i turn back, again and again, for one(more) last look..


smsinhindi said...

जावेद अख्तर kya likhate hai.. unki sabhdo and jagjit singh ke awaaz me jaadu hota hai.

rainboy said...

very good translation... jagjit singh is the best.

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

very nice poetry...and yes, it was amazing to hear in jagjit singh's voice......really good.....nice translation btw.....

Balvinder Singh said...

I loved the last two lines. So much said without saying much. Thanks for sharing. Keep it rolling.

adee said...

shukriya Howdy :)

never heard this gazal pehle. its simplicity is amazing :)

and yes, maybe i have found the translator i have always been looking for :D

Anonymous said...

Hey this is beautiful!!! Love the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is beautiful!!! Love the lyrics.