Thursday, January 17, 2008

review of

The first thing that stumps me about this review is this – the home page is about offering user based reviews. That is good. That is excellent. But the review is about one particular service only – cash advance. Why would that be?

I like the concept of user based reviews. Before buying anything expensive, one always goes to websites that offer these reviews. The best part is that u make no mistakes when u buy this way. You also get to know what to expect from your product or service after a while of using it. In this site, the products are straightforward, listed clearly, and it is easy to write a review, or to read one. That is the only thing one needs from such a website. On usability, I give it 5 on 5.

The negatives? Only one, from one product, you cannot go to allied products or other products. There is no link to searching other products and no link to elsewhere on the site(except home). No link to site service. i.e., if someone has written a review that is obviously untrue, a user cannot inform the site owners. As I see it, the obvious risk is that an advertiser might place their product in this portfolio, and then have people write positive reviews that may not be genuine user reviews.

So much for my 2 penny. Links, if you are interested in a cash advance before your monthly pay check.

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Chiya said...

i would anyday prefer going to a friend for an interest free loan, ha ha...

Querida said...

Great work.