Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ek Purana Mausam Lauta, Yaad Bhari Purvai bhi...

Today, my son and i went to get some stuff for the house. Tucked under the stairs, one spotted.. a BOOKSTORE! The display made it clear that this was a curated place, so i walked in . Now, if you know my son, you also know that he cannot be held still anywhere, and the probability of holding him still in a bookstore is about .00007%.

We walked in, and right at the entrance were children's books.. NOT Geronimo Stiltons. NOT Enid Blytons.. REAL Children's books. Ishaan picked up a Kids' Joke book while I spoke with the owner. In the meantime, the child doubled up with laughter and came to share a joke every 2 minutes. They WERE funny jokes.

We looked around, for books, at books, flipped through the pages, saw the pictures...the child in his own section, and me in mine.. The collection was just right.. picked by a bibliophile. The space was well managed.. with 2 stools that one could use to browse and read.

At one place, one saw.. Logic Puzzles! Now, one's being a puzzle junkie is no secret... and this here.. was a treasure trove.. an entire SECTION dedicated to puzzle books and NOT dominated by Word Search, Sudoku and Crossword alone.

By this time, I hadn't heard the child's voice for over 5 minutes, and that, in motherspeak, is Code Red. So i started running to find him. The person at the counter gestured that i should pause, and everything is fine. I turned the corner to find my son's head buried in another book.

And then one got thinking.. When we walk into a bookstore, a conversation begins. The books tell us things about them - starting with the cover, the no. of pages, the size of the print, the quality of paper, the excerpts we manage to catch...we ask questions and hope that they have the answers among the pages we are flipping.. They open our eyes to vistas not yet observed.  Its a friendship that begins even before its formalised. Reminds me of Heidi and Clara.

A lot of us still pause outside a bookstore and can't help picking up at least one book.  We know how it feels to enter a bookstore and come out with only one book, even if we went in to buy "Vikram's Model Papers for Class X" , we were still eyeing the latest Archie near the store counter.

The reviewed books, they are out there, getting bought. That's the commerce of business. The good books, in the hands of  well curated bookshops, THAT is the romance of books.


Himanshu Tandon said...

Can't agree more.. maybe you should also share the name of the books that got little Zenmaster engrossed and where this book store is located.

B said...