Thursday, March 03, 2011

Being a Flexi Mom Successfully

This post is about being a flexi time/part time/ telecommuting worker, especially if you are a woman.

I have been helped by professional advice from other women, so today, am trying to pay it forward (yes, saw that movie today and cried buckets) .

1. Flexi time is not part time : This, imho, is the single most important lesson for professionals. just because someone is not monitoring your activities does not mean that they are not monitoring the quantum of work being delivered. In particular, sales and allied jobs - your job may or may not need you to enter time sheets and visit sheets, but people notice.

2. Keep it professional: If possible, have a separate corner in your house/room, no matter how young your child or how full your house. If you do flexi time or part time, make sure that those times are dedicated to work and work alone.

3. Excel at something: If you are going to work part-time/flexi time or telecommute, it is important to excel at at least one thing, or take ownership of at least one thing for which you are very important. it really helps.

4. Commitment is not part time or flexi time: Remember that. Your organisation will allow flexibility on the work, not on the work ethic.

5. Communicate and Stay in touch: Sure, you cannot network after office and you cannot go out with the others. But does that stop you from communicating in other ways? Share professional advice, help people in their work, send regular updates to your stakeholders, and make an effort to understand their end of the communication.

6. KRA please: Ask your employers what your KRA(Key Result Areas) are. Is it logging in 4/8 hours for sure? Is it completing the work, no matter how long it takes? is it being available on call at all times, even if u r not working all the time? Find out what this KRA is, and then, make sure that you deliver on it just like another employee without the perks of flexi time etc.

7. Do not accept unacceptable behavior: After you have delivered your end of the bargain, do not let anyone treat you unfairly. You have been fair - you have asked for certain concessions, and you have delivered - professionally and well, on your KRAs, so why should you be short changed on praise or promotion?

And last, but not the least, this talk by Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook COO, is one of the BEST things i have come across in a long long time, about being a woman professional. raise a toast then!


Amrita said...

awesome talk.
how did I forget all the lessons from this one?
2 days back I was asked to sit at the table, and I panicked, and did not join the other 3 men.

I'm gonna remember the 3 points the speaker in this video talked about. and maybe, join the table this week :)

BK Chowla, said...

My daughter has similar ideas

~G said...

Loved it. Will bookmark to re-read when I have a child. :)

Himanshu Tandon said...

Well said... request your permission to share your wisdom to my office group.

How do we know said...

Hi Amu: I know.. it was an awesom talk. Thank you! And yes, i have hte opposite problem - i cant sit anywhere EXCEPT at the table.. ;-)

Chowla sir: :-) My sense is, she will make u proud in her chosen profession.. or maybe, already has.

G: i know.. i read a similar post in the 4th month of pregnancy.. it helped a lot.

Himanshu: Bindaas. you dont need to ask at all.

Onkar said...

Very good guidelines

Manika said...

Hey! I found your blog by accident and loved it! Especially this post. It's very timely for me too because I'm just about getting back to work.

Loved the talk by the facebook COO. Thank you so much for sharing.


How do we know said...

Onkar Sir: Thank you!

Manika: Thank you.. i have been reading ur blog for quite some time.. :-)