Sunday, May 09, 2010

Name Wanted

For the Esha Theater Workshop, we need a brand name now. For the product. A name that is more exciting than Theater Workshop.. lots of ppl have been suggesting that.

So, please put in your creative energies and come up with a brand name for the theater workshop. To know more abt the theater workshop, please go here :

The brand name should be:
1. Connecting in some way, with the theme of fun and team building.
2. Distinctive
3. Should NOT, prima facie, refer to disability or blindness in any way.
4. Could hint at Theater and drama as a part of the package.

Pls put ur suggestions in the comments box. Please ask your friends also to suggest a name in the comments box. Please dont suggest a name that will unknowingly land us in a legal soup. We are bad at being eaten. ;-)

Thank you!


Manish Raj said...

Esha, itself is such a beautiful word..


1. Hamari Esha;
2. Esha aur Hum;
3. Ek aur Esha

Best Wishes

BK Chowla, said...

I wish I could assist

Mai said...

I thought of Out Of The Box which morphs into Unboxed.

Prabhakar Lal said...

Esha Rangmanch
Esha AbhinayManch