Saturday, April 03, 2010

To the Esha Blog please..

Today, i m celebrating a small thing at Esha, that has never happened before. Please go to the blog and read about it.

Since its an imp day (for a small reason, but imp nonetheless) , one cant help looking back. 3 years ago, when one started Esha's employment for the blind initiative, it was a lonely battle. No one else seemed to believe that the blind cld become entrepreneurs - service entrepreneurs at that, and make money at it. No one seemed to believe that a business could be run without an "office" - using telephone and email, and working after office hours on flexi hours (Both Chandrashekar and i work flexi hours, as do all the other Esha volunteers)

3 years later, Chandru has proved that it IS possible, and i cant thank him enough. Even more so because for all the subsequent searches for an Esha beneficiary, i havent been able to find the same grit and determination to succeed. But 3 years later, a lot more ppl now believe that its possible for the blind to be entrepreneurs.

Hats off to Chandru, for ensuring that we can all believe in a model that i cld only envisage, and he could make real enough to prove.


Onkar said...

It is nice to hear of the success. Best wishes for your very noble endeavour.

secret agent woman said...

Good for you - the more we can help people be productive, the better the world.

Deepak said...

God bless you ppl !
wishing a long and successful journey with Esha`s mission !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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