Thursday, September 10, 2009

The new Esha Website is up!!

Yes.. the new site is now up!! I think its totally totally cool!!

A Vote of Thanks

A BIG thanks to Aditi for calling up one fine day and volunteering to design this site for free.. then, for excusing my delays, and for coming up with such a winner.. hats off to you!

To Nisha, for taking time out of being a mother of two adorable daughters and her house, to maintain Esha’s website. For volunteering to do it and doing it consistently all these months..

This is the second time that something really BIG has happened for Esha with zero contribution from me.
Please do go to the site, and tell me what you think.. AM WAITING TO HEAR!!


D said...

Totally loved the website. Great effort! It's very user-friendly and easily navigable. Well done!

BK Chowla said...

It is super,outstanding
I wonder if some one can help me with my web page.Can someone?

Anonymous said...

Its very professional looking site now.
The use of black is poignant.
However in FAQ's , black was jarring,too frequent, if can be toned down...

artnavy said...

i love the look

will go thru content in more detail now

Onkar said...

It is collective effort of selfless people that makes such things possible. I join you in saluting them.