Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Need Some Advice - Again.

1. Ishaan (my 17 month old son) has come up with milk allergy. All forms of milk - curd, cheese, milk et al. Do you know of another toddler with this allergy?

I am interested in diet supplements that will make up for the lack of calcium and protein that is expected as I wean milk out of his diet. He is not responding well to Soy milk either (the allergy continues even with Soy milk).

Also, milk is a BIG comfort food for him and my only chance to get some nutrition into him while he sleeps. His ped has suggested that i use juices instead, but juices are too full of sugars for my liking.

2. Has anyone test driven /owned the following cars:
1. Mahindra Logan
2. Suzuki Dezire
3. Fiat Linea

How good are they on:
1. Safety
2. Feature richness
3. Space in the back seat and in the boot

I have already finished going thru the car sites and mouthshut and indiacompare. Now, i want some feedback from my blog friends :-)


silbil said...

This blogger's daughter seems to suffer from the same or similar problem that you mention. Maybe she would be able to help you?

venkatraman said...

I can help you with cars !

My pick will be Fiat Linea. This is the best car of the 3 you have mentioned - best bang for the buck. You have to research on Fiat dealer and their reputation from where you are going to purchase. Fiat service has not been up to the mark - but things have changed they say.

If Fiat Linea does not come through go for the Swift. You have the Maruti brand behind it.

Logan is ugly - in my opinion :)

Varunavi said...

My friend son's suffers from this allergy.She uses more of water in the cow's milk and feeds him,that too once in a day.
Give him bread fried with ghee.

~nm said...

There is treatment for lactose allergy in homeopathy.

I will have to ask around for more food substitutes.

As for the car, one colleague has logan and he is PRETTY happy with it. As per him, it gives an average of 25Km/L

I don't like the look of Suzuki dezire so no comments there. And its the first time I'm hearing of this fiat model so no comments there as well.

dharmabum said...

linea looks really chic.

lactose intolerance, well, i think theres nothing to be done. some people look at homeo for treatment. lemme ask around...

human being said...

as ~nm mentioned homeopathy can help...

and i have read some articles about soy milk triggering some problems in our system... it's not as 'legendary' as it is advertised...

kiss Ishaan for me...

Aurora Sky said...

can't help on the allergy front. my dad has a logan and i think it's pretty awesome. lotsa space behind...very comfy..
hope ur doing ok. tried to look u up on facebook. too many with ur name. help, mail me ur id. :)

You Know Me Very Well said...

Hey N...Ajju had this when he was 4 months old and I had the same horrific time as he was not into any other diet form as well. Am not sure if you have tried it, but my doc had suggested "Zerolac" and it really worked. Its sort of supplimentary soy milk... if you havent yet tried.. check with ur doc... meanwhile, try to focus on other solid foods as he would be growing up faster...

Cars..Hmm.. am not someone who have an iota of an idea on this..except for the fact that I manage to dare the damn Blr traffic everyday hoping that I won't scratch the car anywhere :)

Z said...

A lot depends on whether he's allergic to casein or to lactose. If it's casein, he mustn't have ghee or anything with any milk protein in at all. The answers on this site -


- seemed quite helpful because they considered substitutes for the various nutrients in milk. Rice milk was suggested for cooking which could be good as all of you could use it. Nut milks could also be used, but I'm not sure from what age - if Ishaan is prone to allergies then a lot of nut products might not be a good idea.

From the websites I read, it sounds as if there's a good chance that he'll outgrow the allergy, let's hope so. It must be a real worry for you, especially being vegetarian, to think that he can't use that easy form of good nutrition.

zirelda said...

I used to have a milk allergy. And drank soy.

Have you tried rice milk?

Nothing on the cars....

Ekta said...

sorry cant help with either..!

How do we know said...

Hi silbil: Thanks. I followed it up!

Hi venkat: I second, third and everything else. My heart is set on that car.

Hi Varunavi: Thanks for the tip. Will try and use it.

HI ~nm: Based on ur feedback i went to chk out the Logan seriously. but no go :-(

Hi dharma: Its not lactose intolerance. Its milk allergy.. pls do ask around.

Hi human being: gud to c u after ages! He is still on homeo and will remain.

Hi Aurora: We are now connected on facebook :-)

Hi Yam: Thanks! :-)

How do we know said...

Hi z: Thanks, i went there. It helped. I was looking for sources of calcium and it was peaceful to know that he already has some of them in his diet. :-)

Hi zirelda: Yes, we did try soy.. not much success there. :-)

Hi Ekta: Am glad u came visiting. How have u been?

Mampi said...

Hope Ishaan is feeling better now.

Sandhya said...

Came here via 'my space'. By this time you might have got a solution for milk allergy. My relative's child had this problem. She tried this and the girl is in B.Com, now!:

Just roast 'fried gram' in the kadaai slightly and powder in a mixie. Then mix a table spoon of this powder in a cup of water, bring it to a boil and use it. First start with a little amount, if it suits him, then you can increase the quantity and thickness. You can add some sugar or honey.

All the best.

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