Monday, August 18, 2008

Update on Ishaan

He was put on antibiotics immediately( the day of the last post) and was recovering well till the 16th (Saturday).
The UTI test result came up negative (????)

And then, on the 17th morning, he woke up with a runny nose and phlegm loaded cough. This was new. The other symptoms appeared to be under control.
We opened a new bottle of the oral antibiotic. He ingested just a bit and reacted very violently. He threw up immediately - the medicine and all the meagre quantity of food that we had managed to put into him.
By afternoon, the runny nose was worse, the cough had become insistent and heavily loaded with phlegm. The doctor and the parents were both confused.
Then, i gave him a home made concoction to control the runny nose and the phlegm. It worked and he was almost normal by evening. We tried to give him the second dose of the antibiotic, and then our nightmare began.
He threw up the first dose that we tried, and coughed up a lot of phlegm, which was funny. The runny nose came back in full force, and the boy was totally lethargic for the next hour that he was awake. Then we made the mistake of trying to give him the antibiotic a second time. All the consequences of the first time were repeated, with a fever that ran up pretty quickly and stayed that way for most part of the night.
We managed to put him to sleep nearly an hour after the second effort of the dose. And then spent the rest of the night sponging, holding, comforting him as he spewed more and more phlegm(where WAS this coming from?) or cried out of discomfort / body ache - we won't know which.
He finally slept peacefully at 8 the next morning, for 1.5 hours.

His diagnosis this morning is that he has an upper respiratory tract infection. (????)

Am taking him for one more opinion.

And people, thank you for being my village one more time! :-)


Mampi said...

Well, I can understand the ordeal that you and the child had to go through.
The diagnosis seems to be right because the respiratory tract infection and the resultant phlegm are logical. However, the relationship between the smegma and phlegm is far fetched but not impossible.

soulbrush said...

thank god you are there for this llittle boy, i wish him well now and hope he will soon be playing again and cheerful. I am giving you an award (see my blog) for your thoughtful and caring posts. hugs to you and to him specially.

human being said...

hi HDWK...
so sad to read these posts... poor Ishaan... not eating well and all these pains and troubles... thank God his mother is so concerned and kind...

was he taking homeopathic remedies when his symptoms started? when was the last time he took them?
has he ever had such symptoms before?
was there any change in his food, his life... anything when the symptoms started?

have you consulted his homeopath?

hope he is better by now... keep updating his condition...

kiss him for me and take care of yourself too...
lots of love

Z said...

Oh blimey, don't I remember those days well? The good thing is that violent vomiting is all in a day's work for a baby and he won't remember anything about it. The bad thing, or rather things, are that you've got to clean it all up, you're exhausted and your darling little boy is still poorly. I hope he's better soon xx

How do we know said...

HI mampi: Yes, those are 2 different problems, in all possibility. THe doctor has not drawn any correlation yet.

Hi soulbrush: Am going to ur blog now. Thanks for the hugs... so need them now!

Hi human being: I will be talking to a homeopath soon. And will also keep posting here, since u have encouraged me there :-) Thank you, HUman being, for just being there.. i can somehow sense ur presence even if we have never interacted beyind the pages of these blogs..lots of love coming ur way too..

Hi z: I hope so too!!!