Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My village... Once More! aka Please Help!!

There was a blog post somewhere that said "It takes a village to raise a child" and the post ended accurately with "You, my blog friends, are my village" - I went "Bingo!" When i read that line.. so true!

There are these symptoms about Ishaan that are troubling me. He is now 11 months old.

1. He has a under the skin smegma deposit in his penis . (3 weeks ago)
2. Appetite badly hit for the last 2 weeks, to the extent that the boy is now pale and the apple anaar juice we are using is not working.
3. Has difficulty passing urine.
4. For the last 2 weeks, some random part of his body gets very warm, stays warm and then cools on its own in about 15 minutes or more. This part is usually the arms or the legs.
5. For the same period of time, he becomes hot in his sleep, hot to the point of suspecting fever, and this is all over, not just in some parts of his body.
6. For the last 10 days, the boy has been more restless in his sleep than he usually is.
7. Today, the boy is running a mild fever, is active and playing, but i m worried.
My gut feel tells me that there is something here that we are not able to put a finger on. Has anyone ever faced this with their child? Anyone has anything to say? Please say it..


Z said...

I'm concerned about the difficulty passing urine - does that mean he isn't doing it, it is frequent small amounts, it's painful? Is he drinking normally? It could be simply a kidney or bladder infection and if it's treated appropriately it should clear up quickly.

Have you taken him to the doctor? If he has picked up an infection and hasn't shaken it off over 2 weeks or more, the doctor may recommend a course of antibiotics. I suspect all the other problems are symptoms of the same thing.

I've no medical training whatsoever, don't think I'm speaking with authority! Poor little Ishaan, I hope he's better soon.

~nm said...

I think you should speak to his homeopath.

soulbrush said...

there is definitely some sort of (even low-lying) virus fighting away in his little body. definitely see someone, fevers always mean something specially in young kiddies. please let us know how he is.

Mampi said...

Did not come across such a situation with my kids.

Wish him well, hope he recovers soon.

Anonymous said...

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Ekta said...

ooh..sorry no idea abt it..but pls do consult another doc if the one is not able to nail it...pray he recovers soon!

Aurora Sky said...

it sounds like a urinary infection...why don't u get his blood test done..i've been gettin similar symptoms (feeling cold, then hot, tired, restless, fever in the evnings..)n realised it cld be a thyroid problem...just a consult a doctor plsss

Deepak said...

sorry !.. no idea about it.
homeopath will be best for child.
wish he will be good soon!!
take care of Ishaan.

"Happy Independence Day "

Ye manzilen !! said...

Dunno what to say.....your son is in my prayers...ab theek hoga! IA,

Manish Raj said...


As much I understand, there is nothing to worry much about.

Please do the following:

1. See he drinks as much water as possible.

2. Clean the smegma regularly with water; no cotton or cloth. It will stop after some time on its own as he will grow.

3. Children keep changing their food preferences at his age. Try other juices, sometime slightly cold water with some sugar works.

4. Avoid too much of outings, exposure to cold wind, A/c etc. Season keeps changing.

5. See a doctor, if his sleep disorder persists.

And most importantly - Don't worry.

Best Wishes

The Phosgene Kid said...

Get him to a Dr. asap. Keep him hydrated but seek professional help and I'm not talking about some street dude that waves a bag of chicken lips over the kid and pronounces him well - a real medical Dr.

San said...

hey girl.. though i felt concerned reading your post, all these comments above make me feel there's nothing to worry.. i hope it is the same for you too.. i hope it is just one of the growing up update and all the best to the kiddo..

How do we know said...

Hi z: It was frequent and copius all the time. And u have the power of experience, so i always wait for ur comments..

Hi ~nm: i will do that soon.

Hi soulbrush: It was an infection, and i personally think he also had a stomach infection... though the doctor does not speak about it too much. Your one line - please let us know, has encouraged me to share the rest of my ordeal here.. Thanks ever so much!

Hi mampi: Thanks!!

Hi ray: Pls stop spamming for

Hi ekta: Thanks!

Hi Aurora Sky: Wow! we are not thinking thyroid at the moment, and i will remember this.

How do we know said...

Hi ye manzilen: Thanks.. i really depend on prayers a lot.. do pray for him..

Hi Manish: Thank you. Will try a change of diet. The rest of the update is on the following posts.

Hi Phos: I LOVE ur sense of humour.. i cld use all the smiles at the moment... took him to a doc, and the rest of the story, u might already know..

Hi san: When my brother was abt 3 years old, he fell off the first floor of our house. Everytime sth happens to Ishaan, i remember that its all in the hands of God, like it was for my brother ( he made it and lost none of his naughtiness)
But i m worried as hell, and there is sth abt seeing ur child suffer... thats the more difficult part..