Monday, March 03, 2008

2 improbabilities

What is the probability of 2 improbable events happening on the same day? What is the probability of their happening within 15 minutes of each other?

On Feb 29, we took Ishaan out for his first picnic. To the Qutub Minaar and the verdant gardens of the Mehrauli archeological park. We realised that Ishaan has outgrown his bassinet without telling us. We found out when he made a rather successful effort to jump out of it, about 2 feet above the ground, and head on. Thankfully, he was held mid air and there was no head injury.
Consequently, the bassinet was used as a luggage holder and held my purse and the camcoder. On the way out, and while loading the car, we realised that the camcoder was not in the bassinet. Frantic searches by me and the maid yielded zero results. The maid said that was predictable in a city like Delhi. Who will find a Sony camcoder in a small, fit in your palm cover and not take it? I was forced to agree.
However, as a last ditch resort, i went to the main gate and asked if anyone has submitted a camcoder.

Improbable event #1:The police personnel standing at the gate said immediately that he has the camcoder and that i should come to the PCR van and take it.
Incredulous, I walked into the small cabin that the PCR team had, thinking in my mind of the police case, and formalities that are bound to follow. Not to mention having to go through this alone.
He had the camcoder all right. "Someone gave it to us from the road."!! In Delhi??? No formalites, no harassment, just your stuff back in your hands.

Improbable Event # 2: I came back to my purse, took out a note and handed it to him. He looked at it and said "This is not necessary. This is our job." I insisted and left it there. Outside, in the van, a lady officer sees me with my purse and says "Why did you pay anything? They have a salary too. You should not have paid." And she had a genuine, warm smile on her face!

Thank you, Delhi Police!!
And Thank you, to the person who brought the camcoder to the PCR van.


human being said...

Fascinating! Really enjoyed reading it.
Thanks for dropping in and commenting on my blog. Really appreciate it.

Is "ki-jaana-main-kaun" the same as "How do we know"?
A very intriguig name . I love that.

Forever Young said...

i am so happy you came to visit my blog,and i like your stuff, your writing, so i will be back sooooonnnn.

Solitaire said...

Awesome events! Aisa bhi hota hai?

RJ said...

Wow! Just one word. Miracle!

Varun said...

i guess the good season is happening to all of us, eh? ;-)

can Delhi Police be a 'product' on MouthShut? :-D

D said...

You shouldn't have paid...I'm sorry to say but you probably killed an honest man's honesty! I know i'm being more critical than i should be, but that's how i feel.
Thanks for dropping by.

Chiya said...

your lucky charm JUNIOR was along na, sab accha hi hona tha phir to..

i missed the initation to picnic!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Kids grow fast. I didn't realize how jammed our kids were in the back of the small car I owned until I had the occasion to ride in back myself. I went out and bought a van shortly after. They grow so fast! One day you are changing diapers, the next the kid is asking for the keys to the car.

~nm said...

Wow! That was superb! I'm sure you must have been so ecstatic as well has relieved in finding the camcorder back.

adi said...

with you, for you always

Id it is said...

There is some innate goodness in every human being! unfortunately, it doesn't always surface.

How do we know said...

Hi human being: you really do have a nice blog. And I am very fond of reading new blogs. More of a reader than writer.

ki-jaana-main-kaun is not literally the same as How do we know, but yes, they mean roughly the same thing.

Hi forveryoung: I do like reading new things everyday, and sometimes, there is something to say.
Thank you.

HI Solitaire: Haan! Main b hi hairan hoon!

Hi rj: So true!

How do we know said...

Hi Varun: Yep, hoopefully, will rub off elsewhere also! :-)

Yes, i think Delhi Polica can be a product on Mouthshut! They might like it.

Hi d: No, it was not a matter of killing honesty. Don't ask me how i m so sure, I just am. The man was very used to taking bribes.

Hi Chiya: U cld not have come to the picnic anyway... so dont crib abt the invitation.

And yes, i think u got it perfectly.. my lucky charm was with me! Tum bahut samajhdar ho!

Hi phosgene: Hmm.. yes, which is why i m so grateful for every little thing with this one.. :-) He'll outgrow his parents very soon..

Hi ~nm: So i was! But my gift for the day was that Ishaan did not get hurt when he jumped out of that bassinet. Damn! I was scared!

Hi adi: how r u? and Dee?

Hi id it is: true!!

Swati said...

"Strange" thats my first expression on reading your post ..but I am truly impressed by the person and by the police:)

venus66 said...

Hi, thank you for your visit. Take care.

The Phosgene Kid said...

When we going to see some video, now that you have your camera back??

How do we know said...

Hi Swati: Yep, so am i. And grateful as hell.

Hi venus66: Really, it is my pleasure to read blogs i like. I read a lot of blogs everyday and comment on a very few of them.

Hi Phosgene: Soon, methinks. One might be tempted to post a very small video.. if you'd like to see junior.

adi said...

we r fine, and i in particular liked the last two economic posts...

Mampi said...


M would be so proud of this.