Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Lohri and other Musings

Finally! Something has happened in my life to end the inertia of existence!

I saw Jab We Met and finished the movie with "Kya Love Story Hai!" There is now a king sized crush on Shahid Kapoor, or on the character he plays(at the moment, i m not sure who the crush is on).

(Also saw Taare Zameen Par some time ago, but that is too intense an experience to say anything about. My review of taare zameen par - "don't miss it")

Other than that, I am a full time mother at the moment, with little time for the nuclear deal with China and other discussions. Only one thing though - Nano ROCKS!

Hopefully, the little grey cells will see something beyond Ishaan soon. Till then, people, I depend on you for intellectual stimulation.

Oh, and you may want to read this in the meantime:

Another day, perhaps,
I will take
your pity
poured in a glass
called "love"
Not tonight, Darling.

PS: Apologies to people who came here for a more "Howdy-ish" post. Sorry!


Chiya said...

i came here for a typical "Howdy-ish" post and found one, atleast your poem said it all.

Zee said...

since i'm not much of a poetry person....errr.....

but tzp rocked! :)

Z said...

Glad you're absorbed in enjoying your baby

Dawn....सेहर said...

Thanks for visiting my blog do come again!
Happy Lohri to you and COngratulations for the little bundle of joy of yours.
Enjoy the moments

Cyberkitty said...

Happy Lohri! Jab we met was the ultimate - haven't seen
Taare Zameen Par as yet.

Swati said...

LOL on your crush..but the movie was fun ! Taare Zameen par...still to watch that..and yes I am waiting for your review.

Swati said...

Btw...i linked you for review of aaja nachle

How do we know said...

Hi Chiya: :-)

Hi zee: yep, so it did!

Hi Z: I'm glad too! :-) Thank you!

Hi dawn: Thank you and Happy Lohri to you too.

Hi cyberkitty: I m still reeling under my crush *sigh*

Hi swati: It is a very serious crush!!
I will not be reviewing TZP. As i said there, it was too intense an experience to say anything. Some things leave u very, very silent. TZP did that to me! Thanks for saying u were waiting for my review though.. felt very nice! :-)

adi said...

actually, i came for more news abt 'junior'
and atleast u cud mail me a pic of him
i am easy to find,
m delhidreams permanently residing at gmail :)
and why the new post, u din't even comment on the old posts ;) i mean, all the old posts!

Mampi said...

Beautiful little poem,
I m lost for words,
I knew you are creative,
but THIS creative?