Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thank you All!

Dear All

Sorry I have not been able to respond to your comments on the previous post. Work on Esha (that is my Braille initiative) has been really hectic lately. That is a lame excuse, but the only true one.

This is how a Braille enabled card looks:

For those of you who want to get these cards Braille enabled(at the existing price of INR 100 plus postage per set of 100 cards) , the email id is esha_braille@yahoo.com. We do all the Esha related work from here.

If you want to know more about Esha, just drop it in the comments box.. perhaps then, the next post will be about Esha! :-)

Thank you all for your inputs. We are thinking of expanding outside India, and are right now looking at comparing prices for similar services in Europe and Oceania so that the product offering can be finalised.

Am yet to fight it out with my volunteer friend, but my current school of thot is this:

Right now, we are in the market creation stage. This is not the right time for a price increase. We need to make sure people start thinking of braille on cards as a hygiene factor, and then think of a price increase. Market creation and price rise do not go together.

What do you think??

Love and Luck!

PS: There, one has just kissed the anonymity on this blog goodbye!! :-((


Aradhna said...

Very true, market creation and price rise dont go hand in hand,
So whats the strategy for market creation?

Why does one need to be anonymous?
How difficult it would have been for people who wish to nominate you for Nobel prize?

May I know about WE in Eesha and what is the eligibility for being a part of "WE"

Keshi said...

thats really interesting!


Twisted DNA said...

Excellent work Shanthi.

I am sorry I couldn't find any prices on the braille enabled cards here in the US. There is no information available in the net and I couldn't find anybody who might have the information. Will keep looking.

Has to be me said...

Good luck n well done. I hope esha is a big success espas its for a good cause.

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

Don't know why that wld happen...yes, spring does come after winter, shanthi.. he he..so strange to know ur name! how do we know? Now we know :)

How do we know said...

OK People, first things first.. I AM NOT SHANTI!!!

Shanti is just one of the people who got her cards braille enabled and we have her permission to use her cards on the proposed website.

She also runs an NGO that works primarily with the visually disabled. And a veritable storehouse of energy. Buy she is not me!!

So, yes, you still dont know my name! ;-)

Aradhna said...
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Chiya said...

This post made me realise how privileged I am to know you and your name.

My best wishes to you for this nobel work.

How do we know said...

Hi Aradhna:
nomination for the Nobel? Last I checked, they did not have a Nobel for most comic appearance. Maybe, when they have one...

To become an Esha volunteer is easy. Will send u a mail today if you want. The warning: Its VERY hard work and we are not Ok with "at my convenience" . If you commit to something, you deliver. You can also be an Esha volunteer and not commit to anything in particular.

Hi Keshi: Thanks!

Hi TDNA: Thanks for trying.. let me know when u hit gold! We are trying to reach corporates only bcs as you said, the critical mass can only come from there..
As you already know, me no Shanti :-)

After Wriju's comment making me an albino poet, this one takes the cake for coming a close second on credibility! ;-)

Hi Has to be me: Thanks!! I do depend on u to spread the word around.. i m hopeless at securing orders.. could never do trigonometry and can never sell.

Hi Chiya: privileged to know ur name too! :-) Thanks!

The Phosgene Kid said...

The cards look pretty slick - well done. Good luck!!

chitra said...

Thanks for dropping bye. The thought of creating this card of really is v. useful for the blind. Mostly the doctors , and other service providers should go for it.

I have forwarded your blog id to some one who might be intrested.

do continue to drop by whenever u hv the time.

artnavy said...

wonderful cause- do not know anyone else who has done this

Nabeel said...

these cards look pretty cool .. one of the comments said "good going girl" .. didn't know u were a girl ...

Gangadhar said...

interesting post..Card looks nice..And me experimented like this too..hehe..
btw gud to see ya on my blog..
keep visiting..
take care


How do we know said...

Hi Phosgene kid: Thank you!!

Hi Chitra: Thanks!! I love reading blogs, but sme days, its just not possible, and on those days, one feels completely starved of any intellectual conversation.

Hi artnavy: Am quite certain no one else in India has.

Hi nabeel: Dont tell me you missed all the fun on that age and gender tag?!! Yes I was born a baby girl, but my current age disqualifies me for the term "girl" :-)

hi Gangadhar: You know Braille?? REALLY?? That is impressive!!

Di said...

the card looks awesome.. :-) actually more because it looks mysteriously coded.. ;-) ..i work at a huge company and if theres anyway to make them consider this option..i'll try...cant give u hopes here..coz im still a new joinee..but still :)

iamnasra said...

This is looking great..Im really proud of you and yes would like to know more about it

V N said...

Lots of love
And loads of Luck
All coming your way...

The Phosgene Kid said...

So how's things in India today? Hope you all are doing all right!!

AlterinG Abhishek said...

Superb initiative,..
I would wanna know..
More .... about..

1. Esha ( of course)
2. How can i help u in similar initiatives.

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

Ok, sorry..ur not shanthi..then u must be the person whose interview came in 'mumbai mirror' about esha... he he.. are u?

How do we know said...

Hi Di: Thank you.. just try, thats gud enuf. And if something comes of it, thats a bonus.

Hi Nasra: Will send you an email, since only 2 people have requested to know more about Esha. I dont have ur email id though, so it would be nice to get a mail from you on esha_braille and will then send a reply.

Hi Velu: Add a few orders to that love and luck please! ;-)

Hi Phosgene: like a horse!! How have u been??

Hi Abhishek: Will send you also an email if you'd please send a test mail to esha_braille. Only 2 people have asked to know more abt Esha so the rest of the world will not be bored :-)

hi tell me more: Bang on. That is what i meant by kissing anonymity goodbye on this blog.

Akshay said...

Kudos to you Nidhi. I linked to the outlook article earliar - and it is great to see Esha is expanding - I wish you guys all the best for the future.

Z said...

I think the cards look really great and are absolutely innovative.

I don't know anything at all about Esha - I'd be very interested in a post about it.

Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

Hmmm..nidhi...just an idea. Do u think we shld organise a bloggers meet in Bbay? It wld be fun to meet everyone..the delhi bloggers have been doing that..n there'll be good, mind stimulating discussions...tell me what you think abt this...

Nee said...

This sounds really interesting...
Good luck with this and yes
If you want to know more about Esha, just drop it in the comments box.. perhaps then, the next post will be about Esha!

would definitely like to know more!

zigzackly said...

So can one link to you now?


How do we know said...

Hi Akshay: Thanks a ton!!

Hi Z: Coming up!! We now have a quorum for a post about esha!

Hi tell me no more: Answered on ur blog! :-)

Hi Nee: Coming up!

Hi zigzackly: Am honored! :-)