Friday, November 24, 2006

More on Esha... and a Tag!

.. some of you wanted to know more about Esha..

Here it is..

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and the Tag for you:

What's the best thing that has happened to you this week?


Z said...

Thank you for posting the Esha website. Really interesting, and I admire you for your involvement in this project.

Several of my friends are involved in a project called 'Chatterbox' where a weekly newstape is put together by volunteers reading from the local paper. This is distributed to people whose sight is not good enough for them to read.

The sight mentioned mainstream schooling for blind/visually disabled people. In Britain, we have to be as inclusive as possible in our schools (sometimes, in respect of people with learning and behavioural difficulties, beyond the extent that is really feasible) and so simple, practical things like rounding off edges, marking steps with bright tape, enlarging worksheets, enabling the use of laptops, can be very helpful to children with poor sight.

As for your tag, it's hard to choose. It's been a good week. I think it was seeing my 20-month-old granddaughter's happy face, upon seeing the Christmas lights turned on in our town, and hearing her say "Wow! Lights, pretty!"

Aradhna said...

lovely tag!

This one was required to make me see the silver line in cloud.

In an otherwise pathetic week, the best was attending meetings with the DGM from Chennai on a really interesting subject.I am getting noticed for my good work like you and getting appreciated by people whose appreciation matter.

So what, if our common bête noire is dyeing out of insecurity and making life impossible.

Di said...

It'll b up in my blog in a couple of days..the other gud thing being..i got done with an awfully boring training at work.. :)

Sugarlips said...

Thankyou for posting Esha's link, its brilliant :) In previous post card looks so innovative, all these ppl gonna see thru your eyes :) My best wishes are with u.

Its been a good & hectic week for me, my brother got engaged & someone really closed to my heart did something very special for me which made me smile whole week :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Madhuri Shinde said...

Thanks for visiting my blog after a long time but I didn't understand the '????'.

Madhuri Shinde said...

Ur reply has somehow developed a bond between u and me...coz one of my best friend said the same thing...

respect may not be anathema to loving...but for few people respect can be anathema to living...

i don't know, may be i am confused.

Vämp!rë said...

thnx for comment... bout font size...i can read it without any problem with my screen resolution 1600x1200

How do we know said...

Hi Zoe: This is wonderful! Can we get a digital copy of Chatterbox here somewhere? Perhaps if a soft copy is available someplace on the net, we could downloand it and make a CD copy and send it to children here too.. ok, maybe I am asking for too much..

the simple things really help, but my sense is that they help the sighted children more, because these children leanr early in life what it is to be considerate to other people, and thats a valuable lesson :-)

I like that thought.. lights, pretty! :-) could you post some pics of this little darling on ur blog please?

Hi Aradhna: Congratulations!! I have always told you and will repeat that you have only one limitation - your imagination. Not your intelligence or your capability.. so sit back and sip the champagne! and enjoy the moment! - To the first of the very, many to come!

Hi Di: Congratulations!! And which trng was this?

Hi Sugarlips: Thank you!! Enjoy the week!! And congratulations on your brother's engagement! :-) post some pics if you can...

Hi Madhuri: At the moment, I will sit by you in your confusion.. and should you ever need to talk to clear it out, all one needs to do is to turn around and talk a little more.

You didn't tell me the best thing that happened to you this week?

Hi Vampire: my screen to blame then! :-)

Chiya said...

I am fine now, best thing hapenned last week was that I got over my nomadic life for a while and am at peace with myself.

Appu said...

the best thing was i got back to blogging. :))

Madhuri Shinde said...

This week I got sometime to reinvent myself.

artnavy said...

the best thing is that anush has begun to kiss people as well not just dolls and photos

Z said...

I think it is recorded straight onto cassette tapes. I'll ask my friends - it might take a little while as they are all in Norwich, 25km away - not far, but I don't see them frequently. Chatterbox is not aimed at children however, but for older people who can't see well enough to read the newspaper any more.

We had a severely disabled child at the village primany school, we were quite concerned that she wouldn't be able to cope but in fact the other children took a lot of care of her. She needed a full-time adult carer too.

I haven't taken any photos lately, I'll see what I can do. I think I put one up a couple of months ago when the baby was born.

How do we know said...

Hi Chiya: So does that mean that you are at home now? Also noticed that you havent posted on your own blog lately.. ?

Hi Appu: Welcome Back!

Hi Madhuri: Tell me more please.

Hi Artnavy: Cho cute! I went to your blog and saw a pic of ur baby boy.

Hi Zoe: am sure the pictures will come now, at Christmas ...